Award winning former professional athlete, Micaela Minner has competed at the highest level in the professional softball world, shared the movie/tv screen with many actors, and is extremely motivated to expand the company she owns, D&M Sports Training.

Micaela was born and raised in one of North Texas’ smallest country towns. At the age of 8 years old she was riding horses, handling chickens in their coop, and playing baseball with the boys. Humor had its hand in her upbringing and has since remained an integral part of her life.

As a teenager, Micaela found love in softball which helped her receive a sports and academic scholarship to University of Missouri where she received her B.A. in communications with an emphasis in TV and Radio and M.A. degree in education, Counseling, and Psychology (Sports).

As an adult, she re-located to Akron, OH and enjoyed a standout career playing professional softball, football, and boxing. Through those experiences, she found a career path in owning her own sports training company. Micaela has trained many athletes ranging from 8 years old, to recreational athletes, to division one athletes, and to professional athletes. She prides herself in being one of the most sought out softball/baseball instructors in Northeast Ohio.

Micaela’s grandfather and grandmother, who are inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame, were the first influences in her life that exposed the lime light into the entertainment world. She has taken her passion, drive, determination, and motivation derived from playing professional sports and owning her own company and submerged herself into the acting industry. She has taken college level acting intensive courses/workshops, attended IMTA 2018, and is signed locally and nationally. Micaela broke onto the acting scene in the Jessica Shannon’s “Ground Mile”. She’s been seen on the small screen in such shows as NBC’s “Gone”, and MTV’s “Underemployed”.

Micaela recently has expanded her company, continues to train baseball and softball players across the state and surrounding states, and looks forward to the opportunities in her acting career.