I teach a compilation of what I learned from my time at the University of Missouri, under Ehren Earleywine using the Right View Pro hitting software (absolutes to hitting), playing in the National Pro Fastpitch league,research of the physiological aspects of the body, and what I’ve continued to learn throughout my own research of the current top hitters in the game. I will break down the swing from top to bottom and explain via photographs, videos, and power points.

I help all athletes understand the importance of timing and how to control the body through weight distribution and balance. There are many timing mechanisms. If a hitter understands how to use that mechanism with proper weight management, they will have success. I’m open to teaching and working with any hitter using any timing mechanism.

Hip placement, posture, and legs using the ground to pull power from are all necessary components to reaching full power potential. When an athlete understands how to create tension which is then used for upper body torque they can become loose and feel the simplicity of whipping the bat through the ball, increasing bat speed.

As hitters start to become aware of their body, I will explain the concept of “swinging through the ball” and why creating an impulse between the bat and the ball can increase amount of distance the ball can travel. The whole goal is to hit the ball hard by transferring more kinetic (moving) energy from the body, into the bat, and into the ball. Swinging the proper bat and understanding the difference between bat speed and exit speed has major benefits to consistently maxing out in power output.

As the swing improves, I will also breakdown how to hit a curve ball, screw ball, drop ball, and rise ball. For my baseball players, we will absolutely train the eye to pick up the difference of spin on breaking balls and 4/2 seam fastballs. I make up my own drills and create my own tools to help the hitters “FEEL” it. We will work on increasing hand eye coordination, do eye strengthening drills, and exercises to increase bat/hand speed.  I can also teach slapping, base running/sliding (hook and headfirst), properthrowing mechanics, outfield tracking skills, and infield fielding skills.

Since I have my degree in sports psychology, I also implement mental game training. I help athletes understand that they have control of the at-bat. We will cover how to have a game plan, how to believe in being confident, increasemental toughness, realize the importance of visualization, understand pitch selection, how to have plate awareness, and know how to execute strategic hitting situations.


I am available for private one on one lessons.

I am available for group lessons up to 4 athletes.

I am available for team practices/hitting sessions.

I am available to host clinics for organizations (recreation, travel, or collegiate).

I am now offering packages for teams/organizations that will consist of instruction and speed and agility.