My Training:

I teach the 8 absolutes. It is a mechanical 8 position break down of the swing. You will learn what the body should do starting with the feet all the way up to the head from start to finish.I also explain in detail the contact points for the curve ball, screwball, drop ball, and rise ball. If I`m the pitcher standing 5`5 and the hitter is 5`5 and I release a ball from my hip and it crosses the plate at the hitter`s chest, this ball rose. The bat must get into ball path. I will also cover the importance of timing. How to be on time for slow, medium, and fast pitchers who have off-speed pitches with a good change up. With regard to timing - understanding when and how to load to toe touch, knowing what to look for and where, and feeling hip control are all necessary for being on time. If you are or are not sitting on a change up I will help you understand how to be on time for it. Hand eye coordination and tracking are also important tools to understand if you are wanting to make solid contact consistently. We will do drills to help you feel and gain better awareness of the importance of your eyes. If you can`t feel it, you can`t fix it. One of the most important aspects of the game is the mental game. Your brain is very powerful as it controls the hands and eyes - key for hitting. I will help you learn how YOU control your at-bat NOT the pitcher. Once you understand that if you hit the ball hard you win, you will take your game to the next level.
I have played with Crystl Bustos, one of the most successful fastpitch softball players of all time and a three-time Olympian who holds the world record for homeruns during an Olympic series with (6). I got the opportunity to work for her and Gotbustos, along with learning principals by Howard Carrier, coach and instructor, who is one of the most influential researchers of the game of softball. This experience truly helped mold me into the instructor I am today.
I have also been taught/coached by one of the most successful hitting coaches in the Big 12, now in the SEC, Ehren Earleywine from the University of Missouri - Columbia (Mizzou). There, we used a hitting software, Right View Pro.
I combine materials from both philosophies to help train athletes how to hit and hit for power CONSISTENTLY! 
I also can provide instruction for Fielding, Throwing, and Baserunning.

Also, with my masters in Education and Counseling and Psychology, I have a in depth grasp on Sports Psychology. I am available for mental training information and can offer sessions for players, coaches, parent, and teams on the mental aspect of softball. 
I am available for hour lessons, 30 minute lessons, group sessions, team workouts, motivational speaking engagements and clinics.

For scheduling and pricing please contactme, 940-395-8999or email
I do require a 24 hour cancellation notice. Without the cancellation notice there is no refund.